You're selling items without identity like UPC\EAN\ISBN 


In this article I will guide you on how to request for GTIN exemption or listing items without barcodes on Amazon.

The steps are so easy, please follow the following instruction below.

  1. Click this link for GTIN request page. 
  2. Select your products category. 
  3. Type your brand name.
  4. Click check eligibility.
  5. If you have a support letter from your brand owner, manufacturer or publisher, you can indicate on the request. Amazon has their own format for the letter, you simply download the file on the request page and fill it out. Please check this link for your reference. But if you don't have a support letter, you can click no and proceed on the next step.
  6. Type one sample of your product name and upload at least two picture of it.
  7. Then finally, submit your request.

After you submit your request, Amazon will usually send an email the day after the request. They will let you know if it's approved or they need more information. Please let us know once your request was approved so that we can configure it on our end.

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