This article is for the sellers that finished the setup process or in the middle of setup.

What happens now?

Once you're finished to signed up, our service will platforms those checking on your account and items to check if it's good to export on Amazon. Our service will do the following;

  1. Make sure all your items categories are correct and map correctly with Amazon.
  2. Make sure you have permission to list your items on Amazon.
      2.1 In some cases, Amazon requires category approval for some categories like automotives, collectibles and etc. We will request the approval for you if needed.
      2.2 It’s mandatory to list your items with barcodes on Amazon. Most of the sellers don’t have barcodes so what we usually do is to  contact Amazon from your Amazon account and provide them the necessary data to approve your account for GTIN exemption. It means listing items without barcodes.

3. We will make sure your items ready to export, if needed we will contact you for fixing your issues as part of our support.

4. Make your store is ready for export so you will be able to export the items easily by yourself or automatically via our service.    

Actions you should take now:  

  1. Click here for reading this article and do step 1 
  2.  Send us "Finish step 1 " message on the chat ( in the right - bottom of this page )

What happens next ?

  1. Our support will send you email that step 1 accepted (up to 4 hours maximum).
  2. We'll review your store and products and prepare your store.
  3. We will send you eMail that your account is ready.
  4. When you log in next time you will see your items and all the options to export.
    You can see and read about the actions you can take for export. You can read here.
  5. Increase your sales and revenue :)
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