We support all eBay and Amazon categories.
However - this does not mean that we can list in any Amazon category as we wish.
most Amazon categories are fine and do not require any additional actions, but there are a couple of categories that will require you to contact Amazon and ask them for permission to list items in these categories.


Well, Amazon prides itself on being a respectable marketplace and that the items that are sold in its stores are verified, this is why in certain categories they restrict the listing to approved sellers.

What Categories Are They?

Automotive & Powersports
Collectible Books
Collectible Coins
Entertainment Collectibles
Fine Art
Fine Jewelry
Gift Cards
Grocery & Gourmet Foods
Independent Design
Major Appliances
Sexual Wellness
Sports Collectibles
Video, DVD, & Blu-ray

What Happens If I Will Try To List Without Permission?

Well nothing, the item will most probably get blocked and not listed
sometimes an item will be able to get through but usually, after a while, this item will be removed or deactivated by Amazon

The Hassle Is Just Not Worth It!

we can try to fit your items into different categories, but this option does not always prove successful, and in some cases, it is virtually impossible

Additional Reading

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