The Synchronization Process 

Once an item is exported to Amazon, it's linked to the same eBay item.

Our smart sync service works in real-time 24/7.

The sync System is in charge of these actions:

Quantity Sync

Keeping your items always at the same quantity on eBay and on Amazon.

For Example:

  1. A Sold item on eBay will update the Amazon item quantity.
  2. A Sold item on Amazon will update the eBay item quantity.
  3. Revised item quantity on eBay or Amazon will update them respectively.

Pricing Sync

Keeping your items always at the same price on both eBay and on Amazon.

New Item Sync

eBay is our source for every new item that is listed or relisted on eBay.

Our smart service will export to Amazon automatically in real time.

No action by the seller is required.

Revised item

For every revision on eBay, the item will be updated on Amazon.

It can be the title, description etc. 

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