What Is It?

We offer an option for bulk Exporting (meaning you don't have to go each item manually to export them)

How Do I Do It?

First, you must be logged in to our Dashboard, You should be able to see all your eBay items in the inventory.
on the top left you should see a "Action on X items" button 

If you will press on it you will press on it, it will open a small box

Press on the "Sync" button and a window will appear

on the left, it will show a number of items you have manually checked.

and on the right, if you have used filters the "Sync By Criteria" will show the amount of item wanted, if you haven't used filters, it will show the total amount of items you have.

Choose from the drop-down list the require Sync and press on the desired Button.
wait  for a few seconds and you should see your item being Synced.

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