How Do I Start Exporting?

First, you must be logged in to our Dashboard, You should be able to see all your eBay items in the inventory.
choose the item that you want to export to Amazon, and click on the "Export to Amazon" button. 

After you have clicked on the button, the button will switch into a progress bar that will Indicate the transfer status until the item is exported to Amazon - Usually this process can take up to 5 minutes.

  • It might take more than 10 minutes for Amazon to process the images. 

Where Can I Find The Item I Just Exported?

  1. Go to your Amazon account --> inventory --> search for the exported item by sku or title. 
  2. Our service verify's the exported items every hour.
    Once the item is verified by our service you can find a link to your Amazon item in our inventory.

What Does It Mean "Same Item Exist On Amazon"?

our service has found that same item exist on Amazon and gives you the ability to join to the same product page.
please read here for more information 

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